Web Design: JaniceL.com

janicel.comWanting something a bit more sleeker and minimal, Janice asked me to redo the design of her website. The old version which I had done was done around the aesthetic of her published work Kerotakis utilizing the illustrations from the work itself. The design reflected this, with a more harsh and grunge-like layout made up of grids, alchemical symbols and scribblings (hamamori.com).

The updated design aims to be less specific and more functional. A very simple two column layout boxed out yet still very aesthetically pleasing. For the most part, black/white with green for the links and background. Its also all done in serif fonts which I hardly ever do but it was requested and turned out quite nicely in my opinion.

Web Design: Cinemezzo

CInemezzoAdam Cook had expressed interest in doing a Wordpress install and migrating off the now retired The Bronze. Not much was asked in terms of design parameters, simply that he wanted something black/white and ultra minimalistic. Instead of doing a design completely from scratch we decided on utilizing the ever so popular thematic framework and one of its more popular child themes Neutica+.

For the most part, he wanted the theme as-is so no major changes were done to the overall design. Dropped in a logo and slightly tweaked the header for social buttons and a sidebar nav. Most of the other implementations were done through premade plugins such as the link nudging. Overall its a good example of how one can achieve a very professional and unique design without a large knowledge for code.

Currently Redesigning…

Semi-relaunched/designed to be simpler and generally more functional. Mostly to be used for posting various projects currently working on or recently completed. Everything from web design, general diy stuff ranging from everything from audio to boardgames.

I may or may not still do film write-ups. If I do, they will show up here and be archived via the navigation. Same goes for projects actually. Most unrelated and random postings will probably go on over at Put on The Glasses from here or out to keep things clutter-free on YGG’noise.

As far as the current redesign goes, the bulk is already done so everything should be functional minus “lack of content”. No socials, tags, or other sidebar widgets. If I feel a need for them, I’ll add them in as I go along.

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